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Sailors Who Enlisted from McHenry County


Thomas Burns

William Crowley

John O. Dawson

William Fairbairn

Henry William Fish

William P. Hamilton

William R. Johnson

George Jones

William Jones

Fred W. Laeke

William H. Lindsey

Cornelius McCarty

James McGuire

John Nolan

John Powers

Thomas L. Smith

Frederick W. Walter

Eli C. Ward

Name of Sailor and Vessels Served in Civil War

Red Rover

Great Western and Hastings

Great Western, LaFayette, Fearnot, Potomac

Great Western and Brown

Great Western, Avenger and Sire

Great Western, Carondelet

Great Western and Hastings

Great Western and W. H. Brown

Great Western

Great Western, Siren and Avenger

Great Western, LaFayette, Fearnot, Clara

Great Western, Siren and Avenger

Great Western, Mist and Argosy

Great Western and Oriole

Great Western and Niagara

Great Western, LaFayette, Fearnot, Saco, Nina, N.H.

Great Western and Callier

Great Western, Red Rover, Colosus

Great Western, Avenger and Argosy

Gen. Earl D. Thomas

Woodstock Boy Soldier

Union Cemetery Memorial

Crystal Lake, Illinois

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